Community Television: Mac Gudgeon

Community Television: Mac Gudgeon

In this clip from 2005, Mac Gudgeon talks about the origins of community television (CTV) in the 1990s and why it is so important.

Since this interview was recorded in 2005, most community TV licences have expired as community broadcasting has shifted online.

Community television was allocated to Channel 31 on the UHF band in 1992. 

It was open access television for individuals and groups from all areas of the community including educational institutions, filmmakers, multicultural and community groups, sporting bodies and local businesses.

CTV programming reflected a wide range of communities including language groups, environmental and social justice groups, LGBTQI+ programming, as well as local information, local sport, student productions, Indigenous programs, panel discussions and magazine-style entertainment.

CTV was made possible by low-cost technologies, especially affordable and relatively portable video-recording equipment in the 1990s. It traditionally catered to community interests not served by mainstream broadcasting.

Mac Gudgeon is a freelance writer of film, television and theatre.