The mystery of the 'Somerton Man'

The mystery of the 'Somerton Man'
Casefile True Crime Podcast
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This clip is the introduction from Casefile True Crime Podcast, Episode 2 (2016). It tells the strange story of a man found dead on Somerton Beach near Adelaide in December 1948.

He had no identification on him and, strangely, all of the labels on his clothes had been removed.

The only clue to his identity seemed to be a tiny scrap of paper torn from a book with the words 'Tamam Shud' (a Persion phrase for 'finished' or 'ended') printed on it.

Autopsy results were inconclusive. Investigators theorised that he must have died because of some type of poison as he had no visible wounds.

As police began their investigation, the evidence they uncovered raised more questions than answers and the case of 'The Somerton Man' – also known as the 'Tamam Shud case' – became more mystifying and bizarre.