The Wanda Beach murders: 15 years on

The Wanda Beach murders: 15 years on
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This clip contains raw footage from a 1981 Ten Eyewitness News report by journalist Harry Potter on the murders of two 15-year-old girls, Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt, at Sydney's Wanda Beach on 11 January 1965.

Opening with a uniformed officer who issues a stern warning to teenage girls, we then see file footage from the scene of the murder in 1965 followed by Potter's interview with an investigator on the case.

We learn that during the investigation, police have interviewed more than 16,000 people, including roughly 5,000 suspects. Sadly, most of these resulted in dead ends and the case remains unsolved. 

Please note: there are syncing issues with the audio in the raw footage included here and parts of this clip are also silent.