Berlin Syndrome Behind the Scenes: Melinda Doring

Berlin Syndrome Behind the Scenes: Melinda Doring
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This short excerpt from a behind-the-scenes documentary about Berlin Syndrome (2017) features an interview with production designer Melinda Doring about working with director Cate Shortland. 

Melinda also worked on Cate's short films Flowergirl (1999) and Pentuphouse (1998) and her first feature Somersault (2004). She talks about their mutual love of visual art – including painting and photography.

This clip is a good example of the type of material contained in an EPK (electronic press kit) produced to market a film. The documentary benefits from the use of excerpts from the finished film and its soundtrack is inter-cut with footage of the crew working together – in this case shots of Melinda on set. 

It's a shame we don't see any footage of Cate and Melinda working together but it's interesting to hear from a head of department like Melinda about what it takes to bring Cate's vision to the screen.