Anzac Day March, 1980: Home Movie

Anzac Day March, 1980: Home Movie
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This clip from a home movie by Clive Linfoot shows a series of short excerpts of the Anzac Day march in Sydney, 1980.

After a decline in march numbers during the 1970s, the 1980 Anzac Day march saw its largest Sydney attendance in a decade, with 21,000 ex-service members. Melbourne recorded the biggest turnout in 20 years, with more than 15,000 taking part including Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. 

The footage shot around Town Hall in Sydney includes a strong presence of marching bands, such as those from the Salvation Army and the police service. 

Marchers protesting the government response to the long-term effects of Agent Orange on those who had served wore orange crepe paper in their lapels.

Some of the reasons for the recent decline in march numbers were the ageing of veterans from earlier wars and a broader questioning of the costs of war after Australia’s experiences in the recent Vietnam War.

There were also counter marches to highlight the violence perpetrated against women during war.