Mad Max 2 Trailer: He's Back

Mad Max 2 Trailer: He's Back
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This short trailer for Mad Max 2 makes it very clear that the main attraction of the film is the action scenes.

It features only one line of dialogue and little indication of the plot. Instead it offers enticing glimpses of spectacular stunts involving all manner of cars, motorcycles, trucks and tankers. 

The ad would have helped broaden the audience for Mad Max 2 by making it plain that prior knowledge of the first film was unnecessary.

Anyone who had already seen Mad Max (1979) could instantly tell from this ad that the sequel had a much bigger budget and that the stuntwork had been elevated to a whole new level.

In the US, one of the few countries where the first film was initially not a hit, Mad Max 2 was released as The Road Warrior and the marketing disguised the fact that it was a sequel.