Mad Max 2: Highway Pursuit

Mad Max 2: Highway Pursuit
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One of the most dramatic sequences in Mad Max 2 is the chase scene after Max leaves the oil refinery compound and is pursued by Lord Humungus and the Marauders.

Here we get to see a spectacular crash featuring stunt performer Guy Norris spinning through the air after flying off his motorcycle.

Besides the heroism of the stunt drivers and performers, what this short clip demonstrates is the skill required in editing. In the hands of a less experienced editor, the action scenes could easily have become visually incoherent.

Mad Max 2 had three credited editors: Michael Balson, David Stiven and Tim Wellburn. For their work, they won the Best Achievement in Editing prize at the 1982 AFI (Australian Film Institute) Awards.

Titled 'Highway Pursuit', this sequence was bundled with a short making-of documentary about the stunts of Mad Max 2 to promote the film's release.