Mad Max 2 Home Movie: Life on Set

Mad Max 2 Home Movie: Life on Set
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This home movie by Peter Kamen gives us a fascinating glimpse of life on set during the shooting of Mad Max 2 on location in June 1981.

Most of the footage is of cast and crew on the set of the small oil refinery which was under siege by the Marauders, the ragtag gang led by Lord Humungus.

Some of the actors we see are Mel Gibson (Max), Mike Preston (Papagallo), Emil Minty (the Feral Kid), Bruce Spence (the Gyro Captain) and Arkie Whiteley (the Captain's Girl). We also see director George Miller in discussion with the actors, and cinematographer Dean Semler behind the camera.

The clip ends with shots of some of the vehicles that feature in the film, which are as much characters as some of the people.

Although it lacks narration it is still a fascinating peek into the world of filmmaking. For amateur footage it is also remarkably well shot.

Peter Kamen, who shot this film, was best friends with producer Byron Kennedy and they grew up making home movies together.

Kamen also visited the set of Mad Max (1979) and shot footage of a stunt being set up.