Simon Townsend's Wonder World!: Surfer Pam Burridge

Simon Townsend's Wonder World!: Surfer Pam Burridge
Simon Townsend
Network Ten
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This clip includes a Simon Townsend's Wonder World! music video for Australian pro surfer Pam Burridge, who recorded a single to raise funds to compete at major tournaments. This was during a time when the women's professional surfing league was in its infancy and competitors struggled for a piece of the sponsorship pie.

Aside from its progressive current affairs story format for kids, Simon Townsend's Wonder World! was also known for music videos. Wonder World! was often the first show to play new release pop clips and even filmed a music video for INXS's first single, 'Simple Simon'.

While production values for these in-house music clips were low, they were consistent with the program's homespun and unpretentious tone. This segment is a good example of their do-it-yourself approach to music videos and the end result looks like a lot of fun.