Skippy's Amazing Skills

Skippy's Amazing Skills
Fauna Productions
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A compilation of clips from Skippy demonstrating the bush kangaroo's incredible skills, especially with her paws. Who knew a kangaroo could open doors, play musical instruments or untie knots?

Also seen in this compilation are regular series cast members Head Ranger Matt Hammond (Ed Devereaux), his sons Sonny (Garry Pankhurst) and Mark (Ken James), Flight Ranger Jerry King (Tony Bonner) and Clancy Merrick (Liza Goddard).

A total of three series and 91 episodes of Skippy (AKA Skippy the Bush Kangaroo) were produced by Fauna Productions between 1966 and 1969. There was also a spin-off feature film, The Intruders (AKA Skippy and the Intruders), directed by Lee Robinson and released in Australia in December 1969.

Notes by Stephen Groenewegen