'Dahling!' count – Jeanne Little

'Dahling!' count – Jeanne Little
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Beloved daytime television personality Jeanne Little is surprised when host Bert Newton reveals that the crew of Good Morning Australia have had a 'Dahling!' guessing competition. It transpires that Little has uttered her catchphrase 15 times in a matter of minutes.

Capitalising on her catchphrase's popularity she released a song 'Dahling, Are You Paying Attention?' in 1976.

Jeanne was a regular on Good Morning Australia from 1989 to 2005, often making a Christmas appearance on the show. Here she sings an alcohol-themed parody of the traditional Christmas song 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland' called 'It's Christmas And I Wonder Where I Am'. The lyrics were written by T Griswold and R Rydell.

A good example of what a consummate professional and good sport Jeanne is, she maintains her focus despite Bert stop-starting the performance for comic effect. As is seen here, she often likes to speak-sing her songs. The musical accompaniment is sparse but effective.

Jeanne Little appeared on The Mike Walsh Show from 1974 until it ended in 1985, and continued to appear on television until the mid-2000s.

Excerpt from Good Morning Australia: Episode 1835, broadcast 30 November 1999.