'How inept I really am' – Jeanne Little

'How inept I really am' – Jeanne Little
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This segment featuring Bert Newton and Jeanne Little on Good Morning Australia is supposed to be about wrapping Christmas presents. But, savvy as ever, Jeanne understands that she is there for the laughs – to show 'how inept I really am'.

As always she has designed and made a ridiculous eye-catching gown (this one is made of wrapping paper in what must have been a nightmare for the sound technicians).

The two old friends discuss the demise of Midday (1985–1994) and The Mike Walsh Show (1973–1985) with refreshing candour, managing to make their conversation feel natural and spontaneous. It's interesting to note that after this went to air Midday returned and remained on Australian screens until 1998.

Jeanne Little was a regular on Good Morning Australia from 1989 to 2005. The stills of some of her appearances on The Mike Walsh Show provide an interesting overview of her career and her decades-long contribution to daytime television.

Content warning: this clip contains blackface, yellowface and racist stereotypes.

Excerpt from Good Morning Australia: Episode 693, broadcast 16 December 1994.

Notes by Beth Taylor