Why Jeanne Little wears wigs

Why Jeanne Little wears wigs
Mike Walsh AM, OBE Hayden Productions
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At her best when she's telling stories about her life, Jeanne Little talks about her hair falling out when a home perm job goes wrong.

Referring here to the sight of herself in the mirror with no hair, clothes or make-up as 'vile', this is an example of Jeanne's self-deprecating comedy.

'Here I am with a flat chest, three strands of hair and the worst voice in Australia. I think I’ve really capitalised on having little to offer.'
'Hello Darling': The Jeanne Little Story by Siobhan O'Brien (2006)

On a side note, Jeanne's garbage-bag dress here helped to inspire the popular Glad Bag Fashion Show competition on The Mike Walsh Show in 1982.

Adept at making fashion from everyday items she famously fashioned dresses out of toast, steel wool, lavatory chains, milk bottle tops and three thousand $1 coins, as well as hats out of sausages, ice cream cones, pizza and french fries. Mike Walsh referred to her as the show's 'cut-rate couture princess'.

Excerpt taken from The Mike Walsh Show: Episode 2005 broadcast on 12 February 1982.

Notes by Beth Taylor