Jeanne Little sees a hypnotist for her stutter

Jeanne Little sees a hypnotist for her stutter
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Jeanne Little talks about seeing a hypnotherapist before hosting The Mike Walsh Show in 1976.

Jeanne developed a stutter as a teenager and sought treatment when it resurfaced in 1983. She developed her drawling catch cry 'Oooooh, aaaahhhh Daaaaahling!' as a way of moderating her stutter. She was a patron of The Australian Stuttering Foundation.

Jeanne first appeared on The Mike Walsh Show in 1974 modelling maternity wear from her ailing dressmaking boutique 'Jeanne Mitchell'. Three guests had cancelled that day and producers saw a photo of her in Sydney's Daily Mirror newspaper, modelling one of her creations, and invited her on the show.

Despite never having intended to work in television, she was an instant hit and the phone lines were jammed with people wanting to know if she was for real. She was invited back and became a regular.

Most of the episodes of the show from its years on 0-10 (now Network Ten) have been lost, so there are no known copies of that first appearance.

She mentions producer David Mitchell who was a longtime collaborator.

Excerpt taken from the last episode of The Mike Walsh Show on 0-10 (now Network Ten) broadcast on 10 December 1976.

Notes by Beth Taylor