Jeanne's Little Show – Smoky Dawson

Jeanne's Little Show – Smoky Dawson
Seven Network
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Jeanne Little interviews Australian musician Smoky Dawson and meets his beloved horse Flash, who is 31 years old. The interview is set on the fictitious Jindawarrabell Station – which was a mythical setting developed by Dawson for his music and The Smoky Dawson Radio Show.

Jeanne's clown costume, complete with blue wig, seems incongruous – although it's possibly an explanation for her slapstick entrance.

Jeanne Little left The Mike Walsh Show at the end of 1976 before the show moved from 0-10 (Network Ten) to the Nine Network.

Conceived of as a mini-Mike Walsh Show, Jeanne's Little Show (1977) ran on the Seven Network for six months in a 3:30pm timeslot. That same year she won the coveted Gold Logie.

In 1978 she starred in the sitcom Cuckoo in the Nest (1978) which ran for four episodes before being dropped.

She later returned to The Mike Walsh Show, when it was on the Nine Network. One of the most popular guests on the show (which ran until 1985), she had a natural flair for comedy, musical performances and fashion.

Excerpt taken from Jeanne's Little Show first broadcast on 16 September 1977.

Notes by Beth Taylor