Chips Rafferty: 'The Best Thing He's Done'

Chips Rafferty: 'The Best Thing He's Done'
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An extract from an ABC TV obituary of actor Chips Rafferty, featuring an interview with director Ken G Hall talking about Rafferty's contribution to Australian film.

Hall speaks frankly and thoughtfully about Rafferty. Put on the spot by a question about Rafferty's acting abilities, Hall doesn't hesitate in his appraisal which is measured and steers clear of straightforward flattery.

Hall also highlights Rafferty's final role – as the town police officer in Wake in Fright – as being a highlight of Rafferty's career, because of the quality of his performance.

The inclusion of images of Rafferty in various film roles usefully illustrates Hall's points.

Chips Rafferty died on 27 May 1971, several months before Wake in Fright was released in Australia on 9 October.

Notes by Stephen Groenewegen