Lassie Dog Food Advertisement: 'Dinner time again Sam'

Lassie Dog Food Advertisement: 'Dinner time again Sam'
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This long-running television ad campaign by George Patterson Advertising for Lassie dog food features a dog named Sam – a golden Labrador retriever, often portrayed as the ideal family pet. 

In this advertisement the family are seen seated around the dinner table enjoying a hearty meal of roast chicken and vegetables, while Sam looks as though he's missing out. The ad makes use of a voice-over and thought bubble to let us know that Sam could be enjoying the same dinner that the rest of the family are eating with Lassie's new chicken and vegetables variety.

We then see the family eating their dinner, while at the same time Sam is enjoying his in the background. The ad plays on the notion that the dog is very much a part of the family, even to the point of eating the same foods.

The ad closes with the tagline 'Lassie spoils your dog, but doesn't spoil your budget'.