Lassie Dog Food Advertisement: 'Looks good, smells great'

Lassie Dog Food Advertisement: 'Looks good, smells great'
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Entertainer Barry Crocker appears in this advertising campaign for Lassie dog food from the mid to late-1960s created by George Patterson Advertising.

The ad is filmed in a studio with Crocker listing all the great qualities of the food and highlighting the extra vitamins in the gravy as he dishes it out from the can into a pet food bowl.

The campaign featured the tagline 'Looks good, smells great, tastes even better' at the end of each advertisement. The last few words, 'tastes even better', are dubbed over a dog's mouth moving as if to endorse the product.

The campaign was designed to reinforce the notion that the pet dog was an important family member and that he should be fed and looked after accordingly. Other ads in this campaign featured dogs running, skateboarding and surfing to show how good the food was for them.

This particular ad relied on the celebrity status of Crocker, who was a rising television and entertainment star. Several years later he headlined the hit film The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (Bruce Beresford, Australia, 1972).