Lighting of the Sails - Vivid 2018 22

Lighting of the Sails - Vivid 2018 22
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The lighting of the Opera House sails has been an integral part of the Vivid Sydney festival since its inception in 2009.

This use of the sails as a canvas exemplifies how uses of both the interior and exterior spaces of the Opera House continue to evolve and change.

Architect Jørn Utzon's son Jan says 'The opera house itself has been given the role of a performer in the magnificent Sydney Harbour. It expresses itself in a multitude of moods, bright, sunny, cheery and mysterious. Almost invisible, beckoning, yet always irresistible in sunlight, rain, darkness, and in different colours during the day.' From A Tribute to Jorn Utzon: Sydney Opera House by Katarina Stübe (2009).

Metamathemagical was designed by Jonathan Zawada for the 2018 Vivid Sydney Lighting of the Sails.

Music is by Air Max `97, x/o and Eprom.