The Bushrangers Sing Hippity Hop

The Bushrangers Sing Hippity Hop
Fauna Productions
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Guest stars 'The Bushrangers' (AKA pop group The Executives) sing 'Hippity Hop', a version of the familiar Skippy theme tune, complete with lyrics – and a drum solo from Skippy herself.

The clip also features some enthusiastic dancing from series regulars Mark Hammond (played by Ken James) and Clancy Merrick (Liza Goddard).

This clip is from Series 1, Episode 35 – 'The Bushrangers'. In the episode, Sonny and Skippy come across a group of men wearing Ned Kelly armour entering a cave in Waratah National Park. Sonny suspects they are the burglars who overpowered Jerry at Ranger Headquarters.

Instead, they turn out to be a pop group, The Bushrangers, who are forced to rehearse in the park because their neighbours complained about the noise. The group eventually help catch the real burglars.

Four members of the Australian pop group The Executives appear as The Bushrangers, with actor Fred Sims playing the fifth member of the group. The Executives first formed in 1966 and recorded several Top 40 hit songs.

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Notes by Stephen Groenewegen and Adam Blackshaw