Ed Deveraux on In Melbourne Tonight

Ed Deveraux on In Melbourne Tonight
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On the variety show In Melbourne Tonight, host and performer Mike Preston speaks with Ed Devereaux about his role in Skippy and the international popularity of the show.

Devereaux remarks that Head Ranger Matt Hammond, is not so different to his own personality and has been one of the easiest characters he's played.

They then list the extraordinary number of countries where the series has has been sold. Preston mistakenly includes Sweden, where the broadcaster refused to screen Skippy because of the concerns of psychologists, who thought it would be detrimental for children to grow up believing that an animal could manage the feats that the kangaroo star regularly achieved.

This is a delightful example of 1960s variety television in Australia. It gives an interesting insight into how Devereaux approached the character ('very close to what I am really – pretty dull!') and the growing popularity of the show.

The simple camerawork and live production adds to the intimate feel of a friendly conversation on which we are lucky enough to eavesdrop, rather than a formal interview.

Notes by Stephen Groenewegen and Adam Blackshaw