Alice has to walk home

Alice has to walk home
Cinesound Movietone Productions
WARNING: This clip may contain animal suffering
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This silent newsreel clip shows Princess Alice, the most beloved and famous elephant of Wirth's Circus. It's unclear whether the truck has broken down or if Alice in unable to climb back on board. Either way, she has to walk home.

Princess Alice was bought at auction in New Zealand in 1906 for a record sum before being transported to Sydney. Originally she gave rides for children in Wonderland City, Tamarama.

When Wonderland closed in 1912 she was acquired by Philip Wirth and walked to Wirth's home in Coogee which was still under construction. Alice was a local celebrity in Coogee, delighting people on her evening walks along the beach.

It was with great sadness that Alice was eventually euthanised in 1956 and was said to have been buried in the backyard of the Wirth family home.

This footage is from Cinesound Review No. 292