Les Patterson

Les Patterson
Mike Walsh AM, OBE Hayden Productions
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Sir Leslie Colin 'Les' Patterson is another of Barry Humphries' fictional characters designed to make Australians squirm with their portrayal of national stereotypes.

Patterson appears on The Mike Walsh Show to the horror and hilarity of the studio audience. He's a loose cannon with his hot pink socks, drooling and smoking as he holds a beer in his hand.

Patterson burst onto the Australian scene in 1974, 19 years after Edna Everage made her debut. His vulgar, alcoholic visage represents everything Everage detests, even down to his hate for Poms (the British).

Like Everage his character is very rich in backstory, including an imaginary family and ancestors.

He had humble beginnings. He started as an entertainment officer at St George Leagues Club in Sydney but he became a cultural attaché, representing Australia in 'the Far East'.

Patterson went on to star in the film Les Patterson Saves the World (George T Miller, Australia, 1987), alongside Everage.

Clip taken from the The Mike Walsh Show: Archive no. 503, circa early 1980s.

Notes by Beth Taylor