Stuart Diver: It was a miracle

Stuart Diver: It was a miracle
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The dramatic rescue of Stuart Diver is captured in this news item from the television station, NBN 3.

When 3,500 tonnes of rock and mud slid down the side of Thredbo in 1997, it took two ski lodges with it. Australians held their breath, wondering if there were any survivors. After 65 hours in sub-zero temperatures, and with only a small blanket and jacket to keep warm, Stuart Diver was finally pulled from the rubble.

He was the only survivor in a tragedy that claimed the lives of 18 people, including his wife. As this news segment says, 'It was the miracle that few, if any, truly expected'.

This broadcast is very effective in capturing the drama of Stuart Diver's rescue. The editing brilliantly crosses between spokespeople and the scene of the rescue itself, which is effective in building momentum towards the final climactic moment when Diver is seen being conveyed on a stretcher.

The voice-over is informative and creates tension, leading up to Diver being pulled from the rubble, while the cutaways to members of the crowd add pathos and gravitas to the events as they unfold.

The climactic moment is described by reporter Tracy Grimshaw. Given the poor lighting conditions and their distance from the scene because of safety reasons, the camera crew do a remarkable job in capturing the moment.