Thredbo World Cup skiing, 1989

Thredbo World Cup skiing, 1989
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SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin introduces the coverage of the World Cup ski events in Thredbo, 1989.

Thredbo in New South Wales is the only Australian ski resort to have hosted a World Cup event in the traditional alpine skiing disciplines. That's an achievement which places it alongside top ski resorts in Europe and North America.

The slalom was won by Armin Bittner of West Germany with Lars-Börje Eriksson from Sweden winning the giant slalom.

For some time the International Olympic Committee has considered holding a Winter Olympics in the southern hemisphere and feasibility studies have been carried out in Australia. There have also been suggestions that New Zealand and Australia could partner to host the Olympics.

Australian television broadcasters excel at sports coverage and this clip is no exception. As a news segment it is concise, informative and effectively presented.