The Man From Snowy River - trailer

The Man From Snowy River - trailer
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This trailer for The Man from Snowy River does what all good trailers do: provide an overview of the story, show the starring actors, identify the genre of the film and give an impression of the plot, all without spoilers.

The brilliant opening shot features a quote from the poem on which the film is based. The following single note on the soundtrack has a wonderful grandeur that is broken by the blacksmith's hammer striking a glowing horseshoe. Horses are central to the story so it's only appropriate that they are front and centre in this trailer.

The action sequences get the heart racing and the landscape is stunningly filmed. In only a few short sequences we are introduced to the two romantic leads and the conflict with the father. If anything, the trailer ends too abruptly.

Nevertheless, it was so successful at capturing the attention of audiences waiting for the main feature to start that they applauded the trailer, something that is almost unheard of.