Glad Bag Fashion Show

Glad Bag Fashion Show
Mike Walsh AM, OBE Hayden Productions
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Resident fashionista Jeanne Little is beyond excited as the finalists in the Glad Bag Fashion Show parade for the audience.

Always ingenious with the materials she uses, as we see in her hats made out of foods, Jeanne put the challenge out to the audience to design fashion using only Glad-brand plastic material – from rubbish bags to Glad Wrap and everything in between.

Five thousand entries later, the finalists vie for a new car. Jeanne Little is the chairperson and the judges are fashion designer Prue Acton OBE, Andrew Harris and 1983's Miss Australia, Lisa Cornelius.

Jeanne's unique voice, over-the-top personality, false eyelashes and eccentric fashion sense endeared her to Australian audiences. She won the 1976 Gold Logie for her work on The Mike Walsh Show.

In addition to a dress made of garbage bags, which started the competition off, Little also famously fashioned clothing creations out of toast, steel wool, lavatory chains, milk bottle tops and 3,000 $1 coins.

This clip comes from The Mike Walsh Show: Episode 2202 broadcast on 17 November 1982.

Notes by Beth Taylor