Good Times. Cold Chisel: Reunited

Good Times. Cold Chisel: Reunited
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Jimmy Barnes and Don Walker discuss the Cold Chisel reunion in this excerpt from the Max TV music documentary Good Times. Cold Chisel. They explain how they knew that they were ready to come back together as a band. 

Australia had waited more than 15 years for a Cold Chisel comeback and the band talk about how they had matured as musicians, performers and songwriters and could put together an album and live tour that fans would love.

The inclusion of archival black-and-white images in this clip is effective in reminding us of the longevity of Cold Chisel. The montage of the band returning to the recording studio would be especially tantalising to Chisel fans.

The interview footage in this clip makes for an intriguing contrast between an enthusiastic Jimmy Barnes and a more measured Don Walker, filmed separately later and apparently in New York. But even in this short clip the polish and high production values are enticing and invite us to watch the full documentary.