Good Times. Cold Chisel: Break Up

Good Times. Cold Chisel: Break Up
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This excerpt from the music documentary Good Times. Cold Chisel shows Jimmy Barnes talking about the band starting to fragment and seeing the writing on the wall that it was time to go their separate ways. 

It is apparent how important it was for Cold Chisel to end their career on their own terms. Despite being at the height of their success and popularity, they felt they were not giving the fans their best and didn't want to continue on that path.

The clip starts with Jimmy Barnes interviewed on a balcony against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour on a glorious sunny day. Wearing a simple black T-shirt he describes how the band members sensed the band was coming to an end. The setting for his comments illustrates how far he had come as a career musician; previous interviews were often in drab hotel rooms.

Overall this clip seems somewhat disjointed, particularly since the producers have unsuccessfully spliced together footage of two different live recordings of Ian Moss singing 'Bow River', with his voice being out of sync on one of them.