Remembering the Great Depression

Remembering the Great Depression
Mike Walsh AM, OBE Hayden Productions
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Oral historian Wendy Lowenstein talks about her book Weevils in the Flour which is about the lives of Australians during The Great Depression.

Mike Walsh also interviews Jack and Phyllis Acland about their experiences in times of severe unemployment. Jack used to walk 20 miles (32 km) a day looking for work.

Fun fact: Wendy Lowenstein (1927–2006) is filmmaker Richard Lowenstein's mother.

The Mike Walsh Show featured the biggest name stars from stage, screen and cultural and political life, but the show also had segments like this one about 'ordinary people'.

This is a full segment from the show. The Mike Walsh Show ran for 90-minutes five days a week.

This is a clip from The Mike Walsh Show: Episode  8217.

Notes by Beth Taylor