The Gold Coast, 1960s

The Gold Coast, 1960s
Cinesound Movietone Productions
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This Movietone News newsreel highlights the attractions of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in the early 1960s.

We see people lining up to feed the porpoises at Jack Evans' Pet Porpoise Pool, which opened at the mouth of the Tweed River in 1961. Local identity John Paterson, wearing his trademark white pith helmet topped by a stuffed mutton bird, liberally distributes his 'Vita Tan' sunscreen lotion.

There is also footage of the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary with rainbow lorikeets flocking for their twice-daily feed of bread soaked in honey. The clip concludes with speedboat racing and water skiing displays on the Nerang River.

By the 1960s the Gold Coast's infrastructure had grown significantly. The local building industry was able to support the development of high-rise holiday apartments and hotels and Surfers Paradise established itself as the major tourist destination on the Gold Coast.

Please note: the sound quality in this clip is of variable quality.