Jimmy Barnes in Soul Deeper: rediscovering his roots

Jimmy Barnes in Soul Deeper: rediscovering his roots
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Jimmy Barnes talks about going back to his roots as a soul singer, discussing some of his earliest memories of listening to Mahalia Jackson, Ray Charles and Nat King Cole as a child. 

The clip opens with Jimmy's black-and-white music video for 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough', a song made famous by Marvin Gaye, which evokes a 1960s music TV show performance. The clip then cuts to him driving somewhere in the US talking about his early influences.

Driving implies he's heading somewhere – in this case, back to the roots of his musical taste. It's a very casual monologue which always seems to suit Jimmy well as he comes across at his most natural and reflective; filming it in this way is a good choice by the director. It also places us directly in the passenger seat as if we're with him on this journey and he's sharing his insights only with us, making for a very personal moment.