Cold Chisel Last Stand: A Hardworking Band

Cold Chisel Last Stand: A Hardworking Band
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This excerpt from the music documentary Cold Chisel Last Stand (1984), featuring music executive Roger Langford and Midnight Oil's Peter Garrett, reveals Cold Chisel to be one of the most dedicated and hardworking bands in Australia at the time and one of the best live acts on the music scene. 

Unfortunately, for a documentary about one of Australia's foremost bands the quality of production in this segment is less than ideal. As the camera slowly zooms in on Roger Langford it clearly wobbles as if it hasn't been locked off properly on the tripod, distracting somewhat from the interview. 

There is good quality live footage of the band in concert, though the footage of the audience dancing doesn't always seem to match the music that's playing. While Peter Garrett provides a delightful anecdote and insight into Cold Chisel, the lighting gives his complexion an unnatural pink hue. It's disappointing to see less than professional camera work in a situation where the crew would have had time to set up and shoot.