'Cold Chisel' Album Review on Nightmoves

'Cold Chisel' Album Review on Nightmoves
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In this excerpt from a 1978 episode of Nightmoves, presenter Peter Grace reviews Cold Chisel's self-titled debut album which was released in April 1978. Grace gives Cold Chisel a favourable review, highlighting the band's 'strong vocalist' and noting how the album maintains a great live feel. 

Until this album release, Cold Chisel were well known as one of Australia's hardest-working pub rock bands. They had already gained a large, devoted following and a reputation for delivering electrifying live performances. This Nightmoves review, along with others at the time, put to rest any questions about the band's ability to transition from the pub stage to the recording studio.

The debut album was in the charts for a solid 23 weeks in 1978, peaking at No. 38. The song Khe Sanh was released in May as the first single from the album but a commercial radio ban impeded the song's success and it only reached No. 41 on the singles charts.

Nightmoves ran for eight years from 1977 on the Seven Network. The show billed itself as more adult oriented, focusing on albums rather than Top 40 singles, seeking to contrast itself from Countdown on the ABC.

As can be seen from this clip the production values were pretty minimal. The visuals used in the review consist solely of the camera filming the album's cover and internal sleeve. You can even see the studio lights flaring off the album as the camera slowly pans. Included is a couple of cutaways of promotional photos of the band.

At the time music videos were far less common and there would not have been much footage of the band performing to incorporate in the review. It means that the clip is ultimately lacking in visual interest to complement the positive review that is delivered in voice-over.