Jimmy Barnes Interview for Wednesday Magazine

Jimmy Barnes Interview for Wednesday Magazine
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News reporter Celine Fernanda interviews Jimmy Barnes about his current tour, Barnestorming, plans for a new album and what it's like to tour with a young family. The interview was broadcast on Wednesday Magazine, an infotainment show presented by Denise Drysdale.

This interview plays a little awkwardly, with the interviewer's close-ups being shot in post-production. There is a noticeable change in sound quality, which adds a disconcerting quality to the segment. It's not helped by the interviewer appearing to look down, as if she's seated higher than Jimmy.

While it's common practice for single-camera interviews to edit in close-ups of the interviewer later, more attention could have been paid to making the additional footage appear more natural and better aligned with the footage of the interviewee.

The inclusion of a long excerpt from the video clip of Jimmy Barnes' 1988 hit 'Waiting for the Heartache' adds variety to the visuals.