Jimmy Barnes Fast Forward Parody

Jimmy Barnes Fast Forward Parody
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In 1990 the popular comedy sketch show Fast Forward did a spoof of an MTV segment in which a presenter introduced the latest Jimmy Barnes song. The song and film clip appears to be based on his hit Lay Down Your Guns which was released in July 1990. The MTV presenter is played by Jane Turner, who went on to have international success as Kath Day-Knight in the sitcom Kath & Kim, and Barnes is played by comedian Steve Blackburn who was a regular on the show.  

The sketch is a noteworthy indicator of the huge success Barnes was enjoying in the late eighties and early nineties, as Fast Forward was renowned for lampooning only the most successful and recognisable stars of the time. Barnes' duet with Tina Turner, Simply The Best, was also parodied in a later episode of the show.