Ned Kelly: Stringybark Creek

Ned Kelly: Stringybark Creek
WARNING: This clip contains human suffering or death
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Ned (Heath Ledger), Dan Kelly (Laurence Kinlan), Steve Hart (Philip Barantini) and Joe Byrne (Orlando Bloom) lie in wait at the police bush camp near Stringybark Creek. Ned has already shot Constable Lonigan (Peter Phelps) after the policeman refused to put down his gun and fired at Ned. When the other two police return, they also go for their weapons, after being told to drop them.

Ned shoots Constable Scanlan (Eddy McShortall) on his horse and chases Sgt Kennedy (Anthony Hayes) into the undergrowth, both men firing at each other. Ned repeatedly calls on Kennedy to surrender, but the sergeant keeps firing. Ned fires back, wounding him a second time. He tries to comfort the sergeant, who is in great distress.

Summary by Paul Byrnes.