Phar Lap with his pipe and sugar cubes

Phar Lap with his pipe and sugar cubes
Cinesound Movietone Productions
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Strapper-cum-trainer Tommy Woodcock feeds Phar Lap, or Bobby as he calls him, his favourite treat - sugar cubes.

Phar Lap is pictured with Billy Elliot (left), the Australian jockey who rode Phar Lap at the Agua Caliente Handicap in Mexico, and his track jockey Jack Martin (right). Tommy feeds lines to Billy, encouraging Australians to bet on Phar Lap for the prestigious race.

Jack Martin offers Phar Lap a cigarette and then feeds him sugar. Billy Elliot puts a pipe in Phar Lap's mouth and we see Phar Lap enjoying a roll in the dust.

Little did anyone know that these would be some of the last pictures of Phar Lap seen alive. He died two weeks after his big win at Agua Caliente. This segment is taken from Movietone News Volume 3 No. 15 - Phar Lap Idol of the Australian Turf.