Richards Home Movies: Holiday Time

Richards Home Movies: Holiday Time
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From the Film Australia Collection. The Richards Home Movie Collection was donated to Film Australia in 2006 where the collection of 16mm films were restored and digitised. The collection represents the home movies made by Rupert Henry Richards of his family and their travels and adventures around Australia and overseas. The collection covers the the a period from the 1940s to the late 1960s. A keen amateur cinematographer Rupert went to great lengths to film, edit and add titles, music, effects and dialogue to his films.

This particular compile show the family at play on Sydney's Clontarf beach and at Burragorang Valley. It also shows some Christmas scenes at the family home. The first sequence includes a title, music and dialogue and effects added by the film maker. The sounds of the children swimming sound suspiciously like bathtub effects and demonstrate the effort the family went to in producing their home movies. The Clontarf sequence had no audio so contemporary effects have been added here. Also the Christmas scene was also mute so existing music from the Film Australia Collection was used.

This collection is now part of the National Film and Sound Archive Australia. We would like to acknowledge and thank the Richards family for their donation and contribution to the living memory of Australian life through these wonderful home movies.