Get With IT The Information Technology Challenge

Get With IT The Information Technology Challenge
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Information technology (IT) and computer systems were presenting challenges and opportunities in the 1980s. The documentary reviews the very early days of computer technology reaching into everyday life and the start of what would become the world wide web. This excerpt shows a man installing electronic directories in France with the prophetic voice-over saying, 'It's being installed to replace the telephone book, but in the future it can be linked to electronic mail, computerised shopping, electronic banking and a host of other computerised information networks. The prediction is that mass-computerisation will take hold and become as indispensable to society as electricity.'

The documentary shows applications for the latest technology such as working from home via computer, buying flights or checking the stock market using video text and producing electronic music on the Fairlight synthesiser. Other developments include reading programs for kids, mechanised factories, robots, reading devices for the blind, computer aided design (CAD), telecomputers that chase up debts, and computer games. Barry Jones talks about the information revolution and how technology will affect the workforce and society as a whole. Get With IT also broaches the possibility of computer fraud and discusses how technology has brought about new policing and legal challenges.

Get With IT The Information Technology Challenge, 1982, Film Australia Collection © NFSA. You can view the whole film on NFSA's YouTube Channel.

Notes by Beth Taylor