Adam Ant – The Mike Walsh Show

Adam Ant – The Mike Walsh Show
Mike Walsh AM, OBE Hayden Productions
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The fabulous Jeanne Little, dressed up to the nines in a white wig and dress, interviews English post-punk, new wave musician Adam Ant of Adam and the Ants. Their single 'Antmusic', released in 1980, had topped the Australian charts.

In a departure from many of Little's segments where she is the interview subject, here she is the interviewer. Jeanne and Adam Ant talk about fashion and she asks if it's true that he sometimes doesn't wear 'underclothes'. Jeanne asks dramatically how can Britain be saved, and he says that the recent royal wedding of Charles and Diana showed how England could come together.

Excerpt from The Mike Walsh Show: Episode 1157 broadcast on 23 September 1981.

Notes by Beth Taylor