Toni and Guy hair

Toni and Guy hair
Mike Walsh AM, OBE Hayden Productions
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Hairdressers Bruno and Anthony Mascolo are interviewed on The Mike Walsh Show in 1981. They are the younger brothers of Toni and Guy Mascolo, who began their hairdressing business Toni&Guy in London in 1963. Today, Toni&Guy has hundreds of salons around the world, including in Australia. 

Here models show the latest in 80s hair, make-up and clothing fashion. Walsh remarks that 'it looks as if they've stuck their fingers in electric light sockets' and the live studio audience shriek and laugh in disbelief at some of the styles.

Bruno says that they are interested in romantic styles. There's a lot of volume and wave, a hairstyle that features a bow made out of hair, another that looks like a hat and the pièce de résistance is a hairstyle where the hair has been sprayed gold and made into a helmet shape. They also discuss Princess Diana's hair.

Episode 1157 of The Mike Walsh Show was broadcast on 23 September 1981.

Notes by Beth Taylor