Peter Russell-Clarke

Peter Russell-Clarke
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Television chef, author and artist Peter Russell-Clarke is most famous for his cooking show Come and Get It which aired on ABC television during the 1980s. Loved for his 'G-day' catch-phrase and penchant for swearing, the hirsute, neckerchief wearing chef became one of Australia's first televisions chefs. This clip is from Eyewitness News in 1981, before Come and Get It appeared. 

Here Russell-Clarke cooks Chinese dim sum for breakfast at a time when many Australians wouldn't have been familiar with Chinese cooking. Watch all the way to the end to catch his cheeky 'Shit!' when he burns his fingers.

In an interview for ABC radio in 2015 he said that he 'wrote a little script for a cooking show and I thought I’d put in a little bearded chef to do the presenting, because the fellow in front of the camera gets more money than the bloke who writes the bloody stuff'. There were about 900 episodes of Come and Get It.

Notes by Beth Taylor