It's a Knockout!

It's a Knockout!
Network Ten
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'In the distance you can hear, the sound of a cheer, and the laugh and roar of a crowd. And you can feel the expectation, and the wild jubilation as the shouting the winners make are loud...' Surely a theme song that many remember - It's a Knockout! ran from 1985 to 1987 on Network Ten. The theme song continues, 'Cause it's the greatest game in town and it's the craziest fun around... It's a Knockout! That's the name. It's a Knockout! That's the game. It's a Knockout! That's the name of the game!'.

Billy J Smith and Fiona MacDonald host the brash Australian show (there are also French and English versions), always arriving on the field riding a golf buggy. Fiona is the sister of another iconic 80s show host - Jacki MacDonald from Hey Hey It's Saturday. In this excerpt, announcer Max Rowley promises 'Rough, tough but fun-filled action'. The show is pure 80s gold showing the excessive, buoyant mood of the time. It's larger than life and full of colour, computer graphics and fashion, with sexism to boot.

Each week four teams compete against each other in a range of ridiculous games, cheered on by a crowd that's also been divided up into different states. Each episode's teams are made up of Apex Club representatives from around Australia - this episode has the Hornsby Harriers from NSW, the Gippsland Gladiators from Victoria, the Noosa Heads Niads from Queensland and the York Valley Raiders from South Australia. The prize money is $1000 and pro surfer Mark Warren, accompanied by women wearing make-up and pink bathing suits, helps the teams. 

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Notes by Beth Taylor