Out Of Control

Out Of Control
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This dramatised film features Noah Taylor in one of his first screen roles. A young boy played by Jeremy Shadlow is shown his short life in flashback as his survival hangs in the balance following a fatal accident after a joyride. His experiences are perhaps those of a typical adolescent experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

Out of Control was made in cooperation with the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit of the Prince of Wales Hospital, and aims to show young people the dangers of drug use, especially alcohol and marijuana. Its message has a preventative bias by positively reinforcing young people’s rejection of offers of drugs.

This program was made specifically for 10 to 14 year olds. It presents a complex problem in a simple way. Key concepts include: no drug is safe; drugs can get you into dangerous situations; drugs can destroy relationships; decisions have consequences; and you are responsible for your own behaviour, no one else.

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