Nestlé’s MILO: The Joy of Living (1948)

Nestlé’s MILO: The Joy of Living (1948)
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This cinema advertisement for MILO shows how to get a good night’s rest and plenty of energy for the morning – just drink a cup of MILO before bedtime!

To be bright and full of energy in the mornings, it is crucial to get a good night’s rest.

A man who has a heavy dinner, reads horror books and tosses and turns all night is the perfect illustration of ‘how not to enjoy a good night’s rest’.

At the chemist where a woman buys a tin of MILO, she is told to follow the ‘golden rules for sleeping well’. These are taking your mind off things by reading a little, having a light supper, and drinking a cup of MILO before bed, which ‘soothes the body and nerve’. She has a full night’s rest.

The voice-over saying that MILO ‘helps build up reserves of energy’ accompanies images of an ice skater. Children are shown who love MILO because it is a delicious chocolate flavoured drink.

The ad lists MILO’s added vitamins and minerals before the final line: 'MILO, it’s the tonic of the times’. 

Summary by Poppy De Souza.