Barracouta Fishing In Tasmania

Barracouta Fishing In Tasmania
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A trip by the Tasmanian Sea Fisheries' Board patrol boat 'Allara', and its skipper, Tom Challenger, from Hobart to Storm Bay where a barracouta fishing fleet are at work. The boat sails down the Derwent River and rounds the `Iron Pot' beacon at the mouth of the Derwent River. Barracouta are caught and landed on the deck of a boat using a jig attached to a pole. Fish are cleaned and filleted and the waste thrown overboard. The site for a proposed factory at Parsons Bay to process barracouta for stock feed and oil is shown, and proposed methods of catching the barracouta with trawl and purse-siene nets is also illustrated with diagrams. From the Film Australia Collection. Made by the Cinema Branch.