Crash Zone: The Dream Team - Teamwork

Crash Zone: The Dream Team - Teamwork
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Alex (Nicki Wendt) asks the kids – Mike (Nikolai Nikolaeff), Pi (Cassandra Magrath), Bec (Frances Wang), Marcello (Paul Pantano) and Ram (Damien Bodie) to combine their individual ideas to create one character. After a lot of arguing they finally achieve it, then bicker over whether it will be male or female. A coin is tossed and it’s a girl! Alex loves the new character they have called ‘Vixen’. Vying for the job, each of them argues that they contributed something special to creating Vixen. Alex gives the job to all of them, except Ram because he is too young. The so far unnamed, artificial intelligence (Matthew Parkinson) is finally named when Mike comes up with Virgil, virtual intelligence. Summary by Annemaree O'Brien.