Nothing stops 'The Mighty Apollo'

Nothing stops 'The Mighty Apollo'
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Strongman Paul Anderson, AKA 'Young Apollo' or 'The Mighty Apollo', performs a range of feats of strength.

Stone blocks are crushed on his body with sledgehammers, he is run over by a car and he also performs his famous 'teeth grip' in which he pulls a motor vehicle with his teeth. In one instance the car is also loaded with people to add extra weight.

'The Mighty Apollo' wears a traditional strongman costume, leopard-print tight shorts with belt, gladiator sandals and leather hand cuffs.

This film was shot by Frank 'Tex' Glanville in an unidentified Melbourne suburban street. The little boy seen on top of the car bonnet is his son, Grahame Glanville.

Glanville was a renowned Australian vaudeville performer who specialised in rope spinning and juggling between approximately 1928 and 1965.

He made a range of home movies on 8mm film featuring his vaudeville friends. These are preserved as part of the home movie collection at the NFSA.