It Isn’t Done: Drunk as a lord

It Isn’t Done: Drunk as a lord
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Lord Blaydon (Cecil Kellaway) has taken up residence in his English country estate. Lady Blaydon (Nellie Ferguson) and their daughter Patricia (Shirley Ann Richards) have adapted well to the new surroundings, but his Lordship finds it hard to cope with the butler Jarms (Harvey Adams), and an oppressive family history characterised by centuries of Blaydon men dying in great English battles. Jarms offers his new master a 60-year-old whisky, while the Blaydons await a social visit from their neighbours, Lord and Lady Denvee (Frank Harvey and Bobbie Hunt). By the time they arrive, with the solicitor Mr Potter (Leslie Victor), Lord Blaydon is considerably the worse for wear. Summary by Paul Byrnes.